Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

When it comes down to it, if I was really hard pressed to pick my absolute favourite sitcom, in the end I would probably have to pick Frasier (not favourite show, favourite sitcom). I'll probably write a whole other entry about the show, but it's got really original humour, pokes fun at two sides of a lot of coins, when it got emotional it didn't get stupid (cough, Friends), it had a lot of good experimental episodes, and the list goes on. I appreciate's Seinfeld's amazing feat of being the only sitcom to never ever get emotional, but I do like the emotional half of the sitcom, and I don't think any sitcom does it better than Frasier. Whatever, there are a LOT of close seconds, but Frasier I think I'd have to say is my favourite sitcom. For DVD collectors like myself, we've been sitting forever on 9 seasons (1-8 and 11) of Frasier on DVD, and no annoucements of new sets (only 2 to go). Well, alas, an official annoucement has been made and Season 9 of Frasier will be released May 15th!!! Special thanks to for being the best news for well, tv shows on dvd. If you are waiting for any show to be released on DVD, this is the site to be at. Well, just wanted to share the news. Thanks for reading.

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