Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harmony Touch Touchscreen Not Responding

This is really one of those 'may as well try' solutions that will really only help lazy people like myself. So my dad got me a brand new Harmony Touch remote - not the big square slate, but the one that they just released in 2012 that's more like a regular Harmony remote with a touch screen in the middle:

So I brought it home, opened it and it looked really nice. I was able to hook it up, setup a new account, import my old harmony one settings - and program the remote. All the physical buttons worked out fine too - but the touch screen itself was crazy slow, buggy, and sometimes completely unresponsive. I tried resetting the remote, powering it on and off - but still the touch screen was horrid.

I logged a support ticket with logitech - but decided - rather than, wait - at least I should try exchanging it. So I exchanged the remote for another one - and huzzah - the touchscreen was fine. So it looked like a manufacturing defect. Rather than waste your time searching forums, trying firmware updates, and resets - try the easiest thing first and exchange your remote.

Again - not brain surgery - but lazy people like me hate dealing with the hassles of returns and exchanges. So hopefully this helps some peeps.