Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Jag to C

Let's talk cars. Specifically, let's talk about exterior styling. Ok, let's start with my favourite car of all time: The Porsche 911. Each of its variations are pretty subtle, like say the differences between the Carrera, the Carrera 4, the Carrera 4S, the Targa, the Turbo, the GT3, in terms of looks are very subtle. I personally like the Turbo, the Targa, and the last generation Carrera 4S the best, but all the 911's are gorgeous. In fact up until a few years ago, the 911 in my opinion had no competitor for most beautiful car. I mean sure, there were very good looking cars, but to me, the 911 was always so much more gorgeous.

Then the new geneartion Aston Martins came. Specifically, the DB9 came.

The Aston Martin DB9 is in my opinion the only thing that touches, if not surpasses, the 911 in terms of exterior styling. It is such a gorgeous car. I guess technically I'd have to praise the Vanquish and Vantage too considering how close their designs are. Well, it looks like now Jaguar has recruited the designer of the beautiful aston martins and now is making gorgeous cars on their end. I've never really liked Jaguars in terms of exterior styling. But then this Aston Martin designer (sorry i don't know his name) churned out the new XK - the first great looking Jaguar. And now, there's a new trick up their sleeve. Yes, it is a concept, but still, remember, concepts dictate where things are going. And from the looks of it, Jaguar is heading in a good direction. Enter the C-XF, the best looking Jaguar hands down. Head over to or or wherever. I've included a single image with this blog, but you really have to see this thing. It is a gorgeous piece of machinery.

But I guess in reality, the reason the XK and the C-XF look so good is that they look so much like Aston Martins. Thanks for reading.

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