Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where have all the good foods gone?

Alright, so today, for some really really odd reason, I started thinking about a food that I haven't eaten in a long time. Actually, y'know what, it wasn't for some really odd reason come to think of it. I was watching the Simpsons in the gym. The thing is, by the time I hit up the gym, I hadn't really eaten in a while, so I was damn hungry going in. Now, the episode of Simpsons that was on was the episode where Bart becomes the "I didn't do it" boy. He gets his in when he steals a danish from Kent Brockman. And that's when it happened. I guess because of my hunger, my attention was focused on the danish - and then it hit me - what ever happened to Pop Tart Danishes? Those were damn good!

Then that got me thinking about all the foods that I'd been missing that seemed to have disappeared off the earth, or just in whatever vacinity I happen to be in. It's weird because no one ever kicks up a big fuss when certain foods go off the market - I guess it's because the companies that produce them don't go under, it's just the specific products. Before Fit to Live started, I would gorge on these foods like crazy - but now, I just want a small taste of my earlier days.

So today, I decided to create a list of foods that I sorely miss and plead the companies to consider bringing them back.

-Pop Tart Danishes (even better when not toasted)
-Rice Krispies Squares (Treats) cereal
-McDonald's Pizza
-Planter's Cheeseballs (apparently there's a huge internet community who feels the same way about this one)
-Cap'n Crunch: Crunch Berries cereal
-Eat-More Caramel Version Chocolate Bar
-Soft Runts

and if you have anymore to add, please do.

Btw, for those wondering, I'm been so on and off in the gym, that's why Fit To Live has kind of been on hiatus. I'm so busy with school that it's hit or miss everyday. I did go today, and it looks like I'm coming in at about 172 lbs, so that's pretty good. Anyway, it's probably gonna be like this for a couple of months, so I can't promise Fit to Live episodes on a regular basis.

Alright, thanks for reading.

So much is said with no words at all

Alright, so one of the things I pride myself on and make an effort to justify that pride is finding hidden gems. Whether it be movies, music, or tv shows, I love finding shows that not many people know about and spreading the word of its greatness. Today, we're talking about one of the most original and in my opinion, one of thebest cartoon TV shows of all time. Now granted, it shares that praise with many other shows as I am a huge cartoon watcher. But let's just say, this is one of the best shows that you might not yet know about. The sad thing is, if you don't know about it now, it's already over. It survived only a couple of seasons on Canada's cartoon network, Teletoon and only survives now in a rare Vol.1 DVD and as a torrent.

I'm talking about the cartoon, The Untalkative Bunny. It started out as a show that me and my sister would just flip on when there was nothing else to watch, but in the end, we discovered what a great show it was. It's basically about this Bunny who lives in a downtown metropolitan area, and basically lives life with funny results (k, that was a bad sentence - but trust, me it's a good show). It's also laced with awesome jazz music.

Part of its charm is actually its simple, almost lazy looking, style of animation. You have lines that cross other lines, you have off-model characters and more. But it's actually funnier because of that.

Most of the stories are great too - and what's amazing is that a lot of these stories are told with little or no dialogue.

Basically, it's a really soothing and funny cartoon to watch that you should get a hold of one way or another.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Alright, so a while back when I officially migrated my blog from my various incarnations to blogspot, I brought along a lot of my older posts - one of which was the Top 10 Movie Trailers of all time. I had picked 9 of the 10 and made a lot of honourable mentions, but I hadn't decided on a number one trailer at the time.

Well, I'm sure at some point I'm going to change my mind, but I do believe I've found the greatest movie trailer that I've seen in a long time, if not ever. And for all you Transformers movie goers, you all know what I'm talking about. And best of all, it comes from one of my favourite producers in the industry, J.J. Abrams.

I'd tell you the title of the movie, but that's just the brilliance of the trailer - it revealed no title! All it had was a bunch of shaky, handheld handycam style footage mixed in with high-end special effects, bringing a scary sense of realism. Flash the name J.J. Abrams, and a release date, and that's all you got - but all you've got is again, probably the best trailer I've seen in ages.

The movie is under the codename Cloverfield and has rumours of being the next Godzilla, but who knows. What excites me further is that Matt Reeves is directing it - and the last time Reeves and Abrams were together (at least as far as I know), they were Executive Producing one of my favourite shows of all time (you can look it up:)).

Alright, check out the trailer here.

Btw, also saw Ratatouille on the weekend - great, great movie - Pixar really is unstoppable.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Yes, it's THAT good.

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! Alright, I'm not gonna dance around the subject with a lazy introduction like I usually do. TRANSFORMERS IS THAT GOOD! I'm probably one of the biggest transformers fans for sure. As a kid, I collected like mad, I'd watch the cartoon series ad nauseum, and not to mention the 80s movie (one of the greatest movies of all time). When I grew up, I'd still keep in touch with my childhood love by watching the 80s cartoon/movie in its many reincarnations - VHS release, DVD release, DVD 20th Anniversary release.

But now, Hollywood was put to the test when it decided to take my childhood and put it up on the big screen - and changing a whole helluva lot along the way. Now, as much as I've disliked Michael Bay's recent attempts (Bad Boys II, Pearl Harbour, Island), I was actually a huge Michael Bay fan back in the day (Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armageddon). So I knew his style was just absolutely perfect for this movie. What I was weary of was the liberties he took and the sponsorship - all GM cars, flames on Prime, Prime's lips, Bumblebee as a Camaro and on and on.

But screw it. Seriously. Forget it all. TRANSFORMERS IS THAT GOOD! Any little flaws you find with the movie, any fan displeasures or even atrocities are completely wiped off by everything that's so good about Transformers.

The movie doesn't waste time, gets you on the ride, and doesn't stop for the next 2 hours. The slow motion, the swing around dolly shots, the explosions, the destruction - it all works so well in this movie. Michael Bay, I'm glad your time has finally come.

Again, it's not perfect, and yes, again, I know there are things that go against the holy bible of cybertron - but you forget it. Seriously, as you watch the movie, you forget it and just enjoy the beauty of the movie. I can't remember the last time I felt so happy after leaving a theatre. I can't remember the last time I smiled so much watching a movie.

I think the thing is, as the movie starts and the company logos start - your heart beats so fast and so hard because you're so worried that the movie is gonna be bad - that they're gonna ruin what's left of your childhood. And because it doesn't - everything seems so amazing!

And because you forget about what doesn't please the fans - you enjoy what does! (SPOILER WARNING FOR THIS PARAGRAPH) - the addition of "One shall fall and one shall stand!", the attack on devastator's turret ala Cup in the 80s movie, and just hearing Cullen's Voice!!!! Oh my god Cullen's voice!!!! It sounds so amazingly good in a theatre!

The sequel's not nearly gonna be as good becuase it'll suffer from the Jurassic Park syndrome - once you've seen the special effects for the first time, you'll never have that feeling again.

Listen, Transformers isn't a perfect movie. But because what's good about it is SOOOO freakin' good, it makes you compeltely forgive the bad.

It's weird, as I was sitting in the theatre, I thought about what I'd say when people would ask me how good Transformers was - and I didn't think I'd be saying "It's SOOO FREAKIN' GOOD!", but as soon as I left the theatre, there was no doubt.


Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Monday, 8:00pm

I have my tickets, do you have yours?