Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is the Straw, Final Straw

Oh Henry? Snickers? 3 Muskateers? Mars? Turtles? Crunch? Coffee Crisp? Crispy Crunch? Junior Caramels? Caramilk? Aero? Mirage? For anybody who likes chocolate and is not allergic to nuts - how many of those don't you like? Well, for me it's none. And there's a lot more I can name. What is it about the chocolate bar industry? I mean seriously, I can't name another industry that has so many successful products. I find myself maybe once every 5 or 10 years disapointed in a chocolate bar. Now, small chocolates that come in boxes is a different story. I've been many a time dissapointed in eating those. But never in a chocolate bar. I think the reasoning is that the chocolate bar industry doesn't mess with a good thing. If it ain't broke don't fix it. They've realized that caramel works, nuts work, nugget works, and chocolate works. All they've been doing is working around those. I mean every now and then you get a small addition - say peanut butter, or pretzels (k, pretzels in Max 5 was a major addition, but that's an exception), but other than that, most chocolate bars when it comes down to it are basically the same. And that's probably why they're all good.

Y'know what? I started writing this blog entry thinking that I had a lot to say about chocolate bars, and I kept erasing this paragraph - and realized, I really don't have anything that interesting to say. So hopefully I've wet your appetite to go get a chocolate bar.

Don't forget, Top Gear returns tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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AndreaPandrea said...

I like most chocolate bars too.. except Crunchy - that stuff inside is weird, and there's only a small layer of chocolate. Most of those little chocolates in boxes are quite risque.... however some good red wine makes them melt in your mouth. In my pre-service teaching year, I have already been subject to receiving 2 of those boxes and I must say, the worst are those artificially flavoured fruit filling ones. YUCK! WARNING - teaching can make you fat. Food is everywhere - hidden stashes in cupboards, given as presents and the most deadly place - the staff room! WATCH OUT!