Friday, January 26, 2007

It's not just Cold, it's Special

Ok, so the other day, my friend Alayne wrote me and expressed her shock to find out that I exhibited the human quality of being in a bad mood. I'll admit, that I'm a pretty damn happy guy, and especially in public and around friends, I'm very rarely in a bad mood. The other day, for those readers of mine, I blogged about my crappy day of running errands like nuts only to end up with a lamp and a blown fuse. So what would put Jonny Smileface in a bad mood twice in a week?

Was it the fact that I wrote an awesome blog entry about Hasselblad that I lost because Safari crashed (the uncrashable mac, yeah, right)? No. That may have triggered it, but really it always comes down to one thing when I'm in a bad mood. Because I'm generally a happy guy, the only thing that really puts me in a bad mood is being cranky. That is, when I'm hungry, or tired, I just get very irritable, and something like losing a great Hasselblad blog entry would tick me off.

And what's one of the worst forms or being cranky? Being sick. Yes. The reason I was cranky yesterday, and partly today was because I've caught the nasty flu or cold that seems to be stretching all across North America. God, it just sucked the life out of me. I mean it's really crazy how every just sucks when you're sick. Like I was telling my friends how everything around kind of becomes sick when you're sick. Case in point, my apartment yesterday became very sick, in that it got really messy and gross. I mean when you're sick, you're lazy, and when you're lazy, nothing gets done, and everything gets gross. I guess I'm trying to be pseudo clever by saying that it metaphorically gets sick.

Well, to combat my sickness, I started taking some medicine that my dad gave me over the Christmas break. I came into school this morning and started talking about it, and my buddy said, "you mean, Cold-FX?"

Yeah, so apparently Cold-FX has been sweeping the country without me knowing anything about it. I thought it was just something my dad had access to because he was a doctor. But apparently it's like the new Echinacea. And like Echinacea, apparently it's very natural, and very case-by-case in it's success. Some people will swear by it, and others will think it's utter crap.

I recently watched an episode of Frasier called Selling Out where Frasier was deciding on what products he would endorse for a little extra scratch. Well, I'm deciding to do a little endorsing myself. I started my 3 day cycle of Cold-FX today, having just contracted the cold about a day ago, and today although not a 100%, I was feeling great, and I could carry on with my day. Some muscles were still a little sore, and my throat was feeling a little dry, but it's nothing as bad as a cold could really get. So here's my official plug. If you've got a cold, and you haven't tried it, have some Cold-FX lying around and it may be your miracle drug. Today being a pretty crucial day in my schooling, I know it has been for me.

Just a few notes before I leave you guys, my buddy Nic (sp?) has recently reminded me that we are two days away from a major TV event, although for us North Americans, it'll be an online event. But anyway, he's talking about the return of Top Gear, which isn't only major because it's been on a hiatus, but which is major because the hiatus was due to Richard Hammond's rather scary accident. So it'll be good to have the boys back for sure.

Alright, that's it, thanks for reading.

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