Saturday, February 3, 2007

Try to keep up with this one

Here's a post that originally appeared on my myspace blog, and I had nothing else to write about today, so I thought I'd migrate this one over.

So into utter oblivion where the crossing of cows and sheep of lesser mortals never understand the virtues of the way things truly work. When the analagous flows of the river start to slow down, how can the presence of the mind truly start to wander. There's nothing left in the infinite rants of ants and convoluted twists of mists in the air that it disgusts me to fathom the true passion of men. How can we be expected to dive into the plethora of problems of others when we, ourselves can't mitigate the battle between our own soul and being. But maybe it's not so grim. Perhaps the being that so many before us decry and so many before us repent is simply a misunderstanding. Perhaps the being that is associated with all the material goods and earthly matter is truly the transcendant being. In the ethereal tones of violins and pianos that ring in my ear, you can hear it. Just listen. You can hear the cry of small gods and even smaller princes. Kings will finally receive their praise. Men will finally be revered as the beauty that rings within. But all in all, there's not much to be found. Not much to be found. For once the cracking of the megalomaniacal being surfaces and comes to light, the soul will protrude shortly after. The soul will sell out, and the sould will find ways to become corrupt. After all, police were introduced with a good intention. A truly good intention. But never mind what the words of stupid people say. Be who you want to be. Sell outs don't exist.

By the way, recently I've noticed people's comments popping up on my blog, meaning one thing that I never saw coming - people are actually reading my blog. So I just wanted to give a thanks to those out there. I'll try my best to keep up the frequnecy of my updates. Thanks for reading.

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