Monday, February 5, 2007

Four Oh Seven

Two 4 litre engines. Both 8 valves. Giving us a W16, 8.0 LItre engine. If that's not enough, let's slap 4 turbo chargers on it. And to cool it, say, I don't know 10 radiators.

I've kinda been behing the ball on things when it comes to super cars. 'Cause sometime around last year, I missed probably the biggest annoucement in car history. The Bugatti Veyron. I might have heard rustlings of rumors about it, but apparently not enough for me to remember the name, or its specs. My buddy Chris reminded me of the affair recently, say about 2 weeks ago, and I found the past Top Gear episode about it (the series 7 episode). Aside from the specs I just opened this blog entry with, there are 3 figures I have to draw you attention to if you don't know what all the huff fuff is about. They are: 1001 BHP giving a zero to sixty miles an hour in 2.5 seconds, and a flat out speed of 252 MPH!!! (407 km/h!!!!!) How in god's name did I miss this car?

Clarkson made a really good statement that with the way things are going evironmentally with global warming and such, this could quite possibly be not only the fastest street legal car today, but the fastest street legal car ever! The reason I bring it up today, is that yesterday's episode of Top Gear finally but this behemoth of a car to its limits. James May (a.k.a captain slow) was given the task to bring the Bugatti Veyron to its top speed to prove its claim. I tell ya', it's weird how this actually makes good TV. 'Cause in essense, you're just watching a guy sit in a hunk of metal and press a pedal - I mean you don't sense 407 km/h just by watching TV. Yet somehow, the geniuses behind Top Gear managed to give a great sense of the euphoria that ensues hitting a blindingly fast speed. It was a short, but really well constructed segment.

Be sure to read up on the Bugatti Veyron if you haven't done so already, and if you get a chance, get your hands on that series 7 episode of Top Gear, and yestereday's series 9 episode. Top Gear airs Sundays on BBC2 at 8:00pm, and more info can be found at Thanks for reading.

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