Friday, February 2, 2007

Back to my roots

Back in my university and high school days, there was something I got heavily into: Tim Horton's non-donut servings. I mean, for forever, Tim Horton's was always the donut place and in the later years, the French Vanilla Cappucino place. But it took me awhile, say til I was about 17 to discover the great other half of the menu. You know, the soups, the sandwiches, and much more nowadays. I eventually settled on a usual which became the soup and bagel deal. With a drink, you got a great meal for dirt cheap.

Now, the thing is, when I find something I like, I stick with it like crazy. I hate to admit it, but for about 4 months straight, 5 days a week, I got the same quizno's sub and drink. So the Tim Horton's soup and bagel deal was no exception - anytime I hit up TH's, it would always be the same Chicken Noodle soup with a Everything bagel toasted with butter. The drink varied from time to time, and every now and then I'd get the herb and garlic cream cheese.

Now, for about 6 months, I'd forgotten about my Tim Horton's usual. They're just not as common where I moved to recently. So anytime I ate out, I'd be eating Subway, or at our school cafe, or quizno's, or Indian food. These meals were costing me on the expensive side of fast food, not unreasonbale, just the expensive side - say between 7-12 dollars CDN. Today, I decided to go back to my roots, and hit up Tim Horton's and the thing I realized I missed most, and the whole point of this post really, is how much cheaper it is to eat at Tim Horton's. It's so much better. I got my soup and bagel, and a peach juice, and a donut - all for under $5.00! And the thing is, it was a very satisfying and delicious meal - I wasn't over stuff, but I wasn't still hungry afterwards. And chances are, what I ate was slightly healthier than what I usually eat. My point is, for all you Canadians out there who haven't experienced the brilliance and low cost of a Tim Horton's meal, it might be something to consider next time you go out to eat. Just as a side note, their taste of the month - the cherry cake ring is a GREAT donut. Thanks for reading.

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