Monday, February 12, 2007

Top of the the 'Top

I'm lucky. I'll say it. I'll admit it. I've just been really lucky in life. As such, I've been one of those lucky people who managed to get his hands on a 17" Powerbook. I've had mine for about 3 years now, and I still stand by that it's the nicest piece of technology that I own. No to go along with this beautiful laptop, is a hi-res screen of 1440x900. And if you're one of those even luckier people who bought a Powerbook or Macbook Pro even later, you've got an even higher resolution that I do.

Here's the catch, to keep your Powerbook, Macbook Pro, or really any Mac looking really sweet, you gotta have a nice desktop wallpaper to complement it. Now, granted, the blue swish backgrounds that come with TIger and Panther are seriously some of the best designs of seen, but they get tiresome after awhile. Plus, they don't really show of the gorgeousness of the monitors. Now, what's weird, is that the screensavers included with Tiger and Panther feature incredible hi-res pictures. Those beaches and space shots - man those look nice. But for some reason, Apple didn't include these pics as pictures that you can use as a desktop. Which is really too bad 'cause they are so nice.

Then there's the option of designing your own wallpapers on Photoshop. It is a good way for sure, but unless your an avid photographer, or someone with a lot of spare time on your hands, your own creations can get tiresome.

Well, what about sites like or These are amazing sites, yes. And they do feature amazing desktops at resolutions that are suitable for our hi-res screens. But all the good wallpapers at these sites aren't free. What about all the free sites on the web? Sure, they exist, but usually the wallpapers kinda suck, or anything above 1024x768 isn't available.

So we're stuck.

That is, we were stuck. Until a great site called Interfacelift showed up. This site is amazing for completely free hi-res wallpapers featuring some fo the greatest photography that really displays the high resolution of your screen. Seriously, if you're into making your comp look nice and pretty - you have to check this site out. The photographs really showcase your monitor. It's like the difference between watching a scene featuring a concrete wall on your HDTV vs. watching a scene featuring grass. The grass by its nature has many blades and showcases how sharp your HDTV really is. These wallpapers do the same. There's just so much detail in these shots. So be sure to drop by, Oh, and by the way, for car lovers, the best car site for hi-res wallpapers in my opinion is the Porsche Website, Thanks for reading.

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David Hammel said...

Thanks case, I think I could use my own face lift!!!