Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jai Guru Deva

Could it be? Hmnm, everytime you think Hollywood's done everything imagineable, they blow your mind again and again. I mean, I'm sure time and time again we've thought - we've seen all special effects can do. But then movies like Lord of the Rings and 300 come out blowing us away once again. How about visionary and artistic direction - after Moulin Rouge you think, hey, that's so crazy amazing - what else could they do?

Well, it seems we may have another movie on our hands that could blow our minds away once again. Or at least the trailer seems to indicate so. It's such a mix of feelings and styles that it's really hard to describe to other people what this movie is like once you see the trailer. I saw it the trailer the other day and instantly I was extremely excited about the movie. But when I tried to explain it to my friends, I was stumbling over my words like crazy.

So instead of trying to explain this one to you, I'm just announcing it that it's one to keep your eye on 'cause it really seems like a movie that people will be talking about. It's called Across the Universe and is directed by Julie Taymor who directed Frida. So enough talk, hop over to and take a look at the trailer. I'm sure it'll blow your mind. Thanks for reading.

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