Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When the Ends justifies the Cleans

(this is a blog entry from my old myspace blog - I put it up 'cause it's related to my next entry)

K, this is gonna seem like a rather boring Blog entry - and quite frankly, it's probably because I really don't have that much to write about today except for my philosophies on cleaning. Let me say straight off the bat - I don't necessarily love cleaning, but I'll do it more often than not because of one reason - the results! Cleaning is one of those rare tasks in life where the results really reflect the effort that you put into it. I'll clean because I can truly enjoy the fruits of my labour (is that the right phrase?).

Let's say I'm gonna sit down and watch a movie in my family room and there's junk lying everywhere - say dishes, maybe some newspapers, and the carpet just doesn't quite have those lines you get after it's been vaccuumed. I'll put in about 15-20 minutes of cleaning up and vaccuuming, and boom - instantly I can enjoy a nice clean room to enjoy my movie.

Take dishes as another example. Dishes are piling up in the sink and you have nothing to eat off of - put in 15-20 minutes of washing dishes, and boom, you've got clean dishes to last you a good week or so.

Ok, ok - I guess my point would be a lot clearer if I used an example where you can't instantly enjoy results - school! I mean, you study and study and gets marks etc. - but really you don't enjoy the results 'til you're fully graduated and settled down with a wife/husband and kids. I mean, they'll tell you in school - study hard and you'll get a great life - but man, that's not til 15-20 maybe even 30 years from now! With cleaning, you instantly see and enjoy the results!

Why am I talking about this today. I just cleaned up our garage a bit today and am loving how much better it looks.

Thanks for reading.

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