Thursday, March 22, 2007

Casey's Mix of the Moment 2007.03.22

Alright, so today's edition is all about Rob Hing's and My Music. This is just a list of songs I'd put together if people didn't have time to listen to all our songs and just wanted a taste (which is probably more than often the case). Enjoy and thanks for reading.

1. My Life by Rob Hing
2. Blind by Rob Hing
3. All that Really Matters by Rob Hing
4. Feel Love by Rob Hing
5. Phonebox Sermon by Rob Hing and Casey Li
6. Red by Rob Hing
7. Paris by Rob Hing
8. Listen by Rob Hing
9. Untitled by Casey Li
10. Horizon by Rob Hing
11. Goodbye (+bonus track) by Rob Hing

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