Monday, March 19, 2007

Fit To Live Premieres

Hey all, so the first episode of Fit to Live - the stupidest most boring reality series ever has been posted on YouTube. Thanks to YouTube for hosting this:

Thanks for reading, and I guess for watching this time.


Anonymous said...

well, that was stupid.

Alicia said...

Good luck, man!
I'm inspired by you.

Okay, actually I got inspired in January, long before I ever read your blog (since the first time I read your blog was yesterday).

here's the deal:

Eat FIBER ONE bars by General Mills.
They're loaded with fiber, which is why you're eating bran... but they TASTE good. I love them and I've lost 22lbs since January!

Unknown said...

Hit up the carrots mate, lots of fiber. And Eat your apple cores while your at it. Peace bro