Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rob Hing

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's about time I introduced you to my partner in crime when it comes to music. We both started playing guitar separately but have been close family friends since the beginning of time. Eventually, we realized we liked the same music, and were more or less playing the same kind of stuff, so the only logical step was to start playing together. After putting together an acoustic cover album called "Thought it would Happen", we went on to write original songs and came out with 2 albums, "Tonight" and "My Life". In between there's been a lot of songs written that are just kinda hanging around.

His name is Rob Hing. And as much as I like the stuff that we write together, I gotta express how much I love his own songs. Rob seems to write songs at about 10 times the pace that I write. Every time we meet up, I'll show him a new song I wrote, and he'll have like 10 up his sleeve. And they're all really good at that.

The only step that's kinda missing in our music career is the resources to record a professional album. Everything we've recorded has just been at home on a computer, so not the greatest quality. I mean we're pretty pleased with some of the stuff we've recorded, and it's definitely listenable, but definitely not at a professional level.

But the recording quality aside, Rob's songs are great. It's kind of all around the internet, so here are the links:

Most of 'My Life' can be downloaded at
Some of 'My Life' can be heard at
Some of 'My Life' and some other b-sides can be heard at

My next posting's gonna be a Mix of the Moment of Rob Hing and Casey Li music, so be sure to check that out to find out which songs you should be listening to in my opinion.

Thanks for reading.


Aaron Sadhankar said...

Yo. Best jam session ever. Remember? Maracas and 30-minute song for the win.

Anonymous said...

yay for rob hing!! he's kinda cute too ;)