Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Old and Fresh

You know how when you're young, or even just younger, or even just a year or two ago, you fall in love with something, a song, an album, a tv show, a movie, perhaps even a girl, but somewhere along the line in your busy life you forget about it for awhile. I mean, if people mentioned it, you'd instnatly remember it, no hesistation, but for a while it just doesn't cross your mind for awhile. Well don't you love it when something brings it back! Say the release of the tv show on DVDs, or you're browsing your old music collection and come across that song of summer '98. I loved Oasis when I was younger, and rediscovering them the other day when I was maknig a retro mix was great. I bought their There and Then DVD and it totally rekindled my love for them.

Today's case? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Awwwwwww yeah! I loved this show. Used to watch it everday after school after its Monday 8:00pm run on NBC. When I was really young Will Smith was my idol, and in most repsects he still is. But, Fresh Prince was just a damn good fun show (damn good fun...hmmm, not sure what the hell that exactly means). Anyway, all I know is that YTV (for all our non-canadians, it's the Youth Television network), is replaying episodes of Fresh Prince!!!! From what I gather, they're playing it at 8:00pm and 12:30am. Nice!!!! Either way, the last 5 minutes of today's episode completely rekindled my love for it. There's been this huge hiatus in the DVD releases on the seasons - so hopefully that's not an indication of it ending its DVD run. Either way, it's on somewhere, and I love when things like that happens. Especially when it happens on network TV - 'cause then you know you're not crazy - that someone else out there feels the same way.

Alright, thanks for reading.


Alicia said...

Best line EVER from Fresh Prince~

Uncle Phil: "But I worked my BUTT of for that boy, Geoffrey"!

Geoffrey: "It grew back with a vengeance, sir".


cli23 said...

That is pretty good, but what about...

Will: "Jazz, man, together we are invincible!"
Jazz: "Brother, brother, we're good, but people can still see us."

Alicia said...

I love that show.
They play it on Nickelodeon sometimes and I love to watch it.
Carlton and his white-boy dancing...
Love it.