Friday, June 22, 2007


Now, I'll be the first to admit that I hand out the word Perfection quite a bit. Every year when a new 911 comes out, I call it perfection. And I've pretty much run out of examples. So maybe not. Maybe I don't hand out that compliment all that often. But it looks like I found another product worthy of my praise.

Every now and then you decide to splurge and indulge yourself with the luxuries of life. Whether it be buying over $100 worth of DVDs in one shot, or treating all your buddies to a shots at the bar (not that I'd know considering I don't drink) - it just feels good sometimes to just cross that line of morality and responsibility and indulge.

Me? What was my latest indulgence? Well, since I'm kind of on a workout program that has dietary requirements - my indulgence involves buying a high calorie treat for myself the other day. It was a nice summery day, and I decided to browse the ice cream freezer at 7-Eleven. I stumbled upon Breyer's Klondike Big Cookie Sandwich - and let me tell you - PERFECTION!!!!

Wow, this ice cream sandwich is pretty much as good as it gets. It features amazingly soft (but not too soft) chocolate chip cookies surrounding vanilla ice cream that has been marbled with hints of chocolate ice cream. The perfect amount of chill between the 2 perfectly textured discs of sweetness! Don't let the picture I put up fool you - there are no chocolate chips in the ice cream itself - that'd completely ruin the prefection.

480 Calories later I was quite satisfied and did not have the buyer's remorse - which I've been finding lately with junk food (which I guess is a good thing). But whatever, it was a deviant move from my diet, but was well worth it.

Be sure to try one yourself, even if it means you should walk to the store rather than drive. Thanks for reading.

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