Friday, June 29, 2007

Just a phone?

You know what I hate. I hate people who think they're too good for everything and who down talk people who say get excited about movie premieres, DVD releases, TV show season finales, video game releases, concerts, new albums. I hate people who think that getting excited about these things is a bad thing.

What I love is obviously the opposite. I love when people group together to go see midnight premieres of the latest Lord of the Rings installment. I love people who buy the super ultimate crazy hyper-extended platinum edition of the Matrix on DVD when they already own the gold plated edition. I love people who come to work the next day and say, oh my god - did you see the last episode of Lost!

It's not because I love these things that makes me love the people who get excited about it. I just love the fact that the people are excited about anything. Somewhere along the line, it became cool, or morally better to be apathetic towards these quote fluffy things. But seriously - screw that. These people are excited and positive about something, and they're generally happier people who bring you up and make you happier to. I tell you, I'd much rather hang out with those people than the downers.

So, why has this come up in my blog today - because of the hype of the iPhone. Today was a monumentous day for tech lovers as the most coveted digital product since, well the beginning of time perhaps, was released creating lines and lines of people.

On several blog posts, people would pass the lines and shrug lines like "all this for a phone? man these people are idiots?" Again, maybe the phone doesn't deserve this amount of attention. But who cares - it's the commotion and excitement that's so cool about it. The hype. The fact that people will camp outside stores for days is just all so positive and energizing.

For me - I don't care how fluffy the product is - I respect the fact that people get excited. Of course I'd question if they're were massive lines to buy this brand new bottle of water that features an added grain of salt - but I'd still respect the excitement and the commotion surrounding the event.

Similary - I don't care what your feelings on the iPhone (I think it's an absolutely brilliant piece of hardware), but don't shun those who spend days on end lining up to get one. 'Cause I guess in the end, if I didn't live in Canada and had $700 to spend, I'd be one of those people. And I'd probably have a blast being one.

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(image courtesy of Engadget.)

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