Thursday, June 28, 2007

iWish iWorked for Apple

So if there was ever a time you thought about a career change? One year ago might have been a good choice. And one year ago, you should have applied for one of the over 17,000 positions at Apple Inc.

A while back, during a "Town Hall", Steve Jobs wanted to thank his employees for all the hard work and thus, gave them all a free iPod shuffle. Fair enough, each one is only $79 and that's after markup. Pretty tame.

But now, during today's "Town Hall", Stever Jobs announced that once the hype and sales have subsided a bit (July), every Apple employee who had been with them for at least a year will be getting a FREE APPLE iPHONE! How crazy is that! Like this is probably one of the most, if not THE most coveted product to come out over the next couple of months - not to mention one of the most expensive - yet if you work for Apple, you're getting a free one in July. Man that's nuts!

I guess the ever so small downside is that Apple employee friends will have their iPhone first. But that's a small price to pay - especially compared to $500 or so US.

One of my buddies from back in my university days is one of the lucky ones and happens to work for Apple. Check out his website Give Me a Dollar Ottawa.

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