Friday, April 13, 2007

iWish iOwned an iPhone

Alright. So as most Macophiles know, we received some bad news today - the much anticipated Mac OS X Leopard was delayed until October. The amazing new iChat, Spaces, and of course Time Machine capabilities will just have to wait. The reason? Well, it's due to possibly the most coveted electronic device to come around in a long long time: the iPhone.

This post has really been a long time coming. I mean everyone knows about the iPhone, everyone knows just how amazing it is. But really, because of the long period between its annoucement and its release - that steam sometimes fades. Seriously, for those who have put the notion of the iPhone on the shelf since its announcement, may I invite you to revisit it. Take a look at the keynote speech again, watch the many YouTube videos about it, or whatever - just reacquaint yourself with this device. Because I did last night - and man - THIS THING IS FREAKIN' AMAZING!

The thing I love about Apple - is they're all about interface. And it's a different approach to interface. It's not just about making it the easiest interface to use in my opinion. The way they design their interfaces is that yes, they are easy to use, but moreoever - they're really fun to use! I mean, all you're doing is scrolling through artists to get to the song you want to play - but the click wheel actually made that process fun. When iPods first came out - when you saw someone scrolling through a list - you wanted to be doing that. When I first got my Powerbook - it had such a gorgeous display and perfect keyboard (to date, the best keyboard I've ever typed on) - that I wanted to find work just so I could be on my Powerbook.

The thing is Apple designs interfaces that if you're not using them - you want to be. Or if you try it once, you just want to keep playing with it. They make the mundane fun.

The iPhone in my opinion is probably the greatest demonstration of this. Let's take a few examples - the flicking of your finger! How cool is that! Everyone will have so much fun when they do that to do a relatively boring task - I mean all you're really doing is scrolling through lists. How about resizing pictures? The dual thumb-finger deal? Man, how fun is that going to be.

Basically - Apple makes they're interfaces so smooth and so perfect, you almost feel like you're not playing with a real thing - it's out of this world and some mini-man is just interpreting your movements and controlling the device for you. (what the hell does that mean? not sure really) But what I'm trying to say is - do you remember Minority Report? Do you remember how Tom Cruise browsed through the files with those cool gloves and how everything just moved so smoothly? He'd just flick his wrists, twists his hands and found the killer? Well to me, Apple's interfaces are the closest thing we have to that.

The iPhone is an absolutely incredible device and although costing an arm and a leg - I think it's totally worth it. If I'm lucky enough in life to own one - there's no doubt in my mind it'll be the nicest piece of technology I've owned since my Powerbook.

So, again, I invite you guys, revisit the iPhone and fall in love all over again. Thanks for reading.

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