Monday, May 7, 2007 those who wait

When I was young, say 10 or more years ago, I was a huge video game fanatic. I was one of those chinese kids who had every system on the market - we're talking NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega Master System, Gameboy, Game Gear, and even the dreaded 32X and Sega CD. Back in those days, I was always on the ball with release dates and with the help of my friend Rob, I got into the game of reserving games. When MKII came out for SNES for example, I made sure to reserve my copy on launch date. This trend lasted a while for all major releases - mind you MKII is the only one that really comes to mind.

Fast forward a couple of years and a new obsession was born - DVDs. After a couple of months of collecting DVDs whenever I could, I discovered the industry's New Tuesday policy - that is new music and new DVDs are always released on Tuesdays. So then I started marking in my calendar when my favourite movies were being released in all their Special Super Extended Collector's Platinum Edition glory.

My point is - I've pretty much always been an impatient person who had to get things the first day they came out.

But here's the thing. Somewhere in my university career, my obsession for games started to dilute. And hence, I stopped getting games on their release date (with the exception of Metal Gear of course), and I even stopped buying video games entirely. Well, sometime during exams, I got this craving for video games and decided to venture in the world of Splinter Cell. But by the time I decided to buy it - it was about a year or so since it had been released - making it just $20 CDN!!!!! How great is that!

Let's take another example. I've always semi been a fan of King of the Hill - it was never my favourite show - but it was good, and the more I watched it the better it got. By this year, I was a pretty big fan of the show, and one weekend I just had this craving for the show. So I finally decided to buy the season sets - and by this time, they had been out for a long time and they were just $25 CDN a piece!!!

You see - if you just wait for awhile, these things go down in price like crazy and it's great! Why do I bring this up today? Well tomorrow, I'll get to experience it again. I've only recently gotten into two great shows that have been on the air for a while now - Battlestar Galactica and House M.D. For BSG, season 2 has been split up into two box sets up til now, Season 2.0 and Season 2.5, each about $50 CDN or so. Tomorrow, the studio is packaging these two box sets together and selling it for a lower $69!!! Same with House - they're packaging seasons 1 & 2 together for a lower price! Granted, I caved on House, but still BSG will be nice.

So you see, good things do come to those who wait. Thanks for reading.

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