Saturday, May 19, 2007

How often do you find the right movie?

Alright, so first off, let's apologize for my hiatus from the blogging world. I know I have at least 2 readers, and I've been neglecting my lyricsOFtheMIND - but with a legitimate excuse. I've been on a production shoot for a short film as a Director of Photography with crazy long hours - leaving me aboslutely no time to do anything else.

What does that mean? Well besides the blog - my fitness program has been on hiatus as well. That's why Fit To Live's been on hold. Has all been lost? Luckily no. Because of my long hours on set being on my feet all day - I actually lost some weight! I'm actually sitting around 179 lbs right now! So that's good. I'm thinking probably monday I'll be able to get back to it.

But what's today's post all about? Well, it's about a little movie that my buddy Andrew told me about called Once. Why am I so damn excited about it? Well basically because it features the lead singer from one of my favourite bands - The Frames' Glen Hansard. Not only that - it features an arsenal of the Frames music! Package this with what looks like a really sweet love story between music writers, and festval shattering reviews - and you got yourself one highly anticipated film.

You guys should definitely check out the trailer at

This'll be a movie for the books. Thanks for reading.

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Alicia said...

Hopefully he can act as well as he sings.
I hate it when singers turn into actors and they suck at acting...
Dave Matthews.
Mandy Moore.
Jennifer Lopez.
Ice Cube.
Ice T.