Thursday, May 24, 2007


Alright, this is gonna be short, but it's a piece of news I've been waiting to hear ever since last Christmas, and it's a piece of news I'm sure all fellow PS3 owners have been waiting for. You see, when we embarked on the Sony train and shelled out all that money for their dream system, we got a lot. We got a sweet new system that acted as a media center for photos and music. We got a next gen gaming platform (albeit still awaiting killer apps), as well as my favourite part, a blu-ray player. Even though it carried a hefty price tag - for what you were getting, it truly was worth it.

But there was a pretty significant factor that was missing. You see, although I own a PS3 and am starting to collect blu-ray discs, the vast vast majority of my collection remains as standard def DVDs. And the best way to watch these of course is with an upscaling DVD player. Well, it seems that Sony forgot to package this little feature in with their behemoth of a machine.

Here we are, sitting 5-6 months after its release, and Sony has finally blessed us all with update 1.80, to be released today in North America which adds DVD upscaling (along with a whole other set of updates). These firmware updates are showing Sony's dedication to their customers and is giving more peace of mind to the owners.

So thank you Sony. Now just get on gettting some good games out. MGS4 is way too far off. Thanks for reading.

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