Friday, September 7, 2007

Sour Apples

Just what is people's problem with Apple?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back. After the most severe hiatus in the short history of this blog, it would seem that I may be back if not only for a little while. I must apologize to those who gave up on me and stopped checking if I had updated my blog, but life jus became so utterly busy. Was it worth it? Hell ya. I got to direct a short film! So that's good. I'll keep y'all in on the loop whenever it becomes available.

So today's post? Yeah. Just what is people's problem with Apple? Is it just their natural incling to hate anything that becomes too big or too good? Is it just that they hate Apple fans. I remember my friend Jess in high school. Her favourite quote was "I don't hate the band, I just hate their fans." Whatever it is, I think people's hate for Apple stems more from Apple's high profile, and less from the actual faults of their products.

I mean, I've never heard so much complaint about electronic devices. People - no one's forcing you to buy/use these products. Yet you do - and complain about how sucky they are. If you hate the fact that Apple's iPod's battery can't be replaced, then don't buy one! If you hate that Apple comes out with a new iPod every two seconds, then don't buy one! It's that simple.

Sure, I will agree, Apple fans are obnoxious. Super obnoxious. They hate this stupid superiority complex, that stems from an insecurity. I mean I suffer from this too. So, if you're knocking Apple products just to shut those people up, fair enough. And sure, I will agree, that Apple does paint itself into the high profile corner. I mean what other tech company hosts movie-premiere-sized introductions to their new line of products? What other company invites the likes of Kanye West and KT Tunstall to play at these unveillings?

But for a moment, put that all aside. And look at the products for what they are. Sure they're not perfect. But in my opinion, they are the best.

Let's start with the iPod. People might think, oh whatever, I can get the same thing just without the touch wheel. But the touch wheel is what seriously makes the iPod such a joy to use. It really is the epitome of why Apple products are so great. The touch wheel, is a simple interface addition that other products don't have that make using the iPod such a joy to use. It's not just functional, but seriously a joy to use.

Throw in the iPhone. Sure, the functionality is pretty much the same if not less than other smart phones. But the touch screen itself makes it a joy to use. I haven't personally used one, but I'm sure it's one of those products that once you buy, you're constantly looking for an excuse to use it because it's just that fun to use.

When I bought my Powerbook, I was constantly seeking homework just so I could type on its absolutely pristine keyboard and stare at its gorgeous display. I've never felt that way about a display or a keyboard before.

Here's the thing about Apple. They basically get the things that the other people do right - for example, the iPod offers playlists, browse by artist, song etc., large storage. But what Apple also does is pay particular attention to the other things to make their products that much better. The touch wheel, the multi-touch screen the thin form factor of the Powerbooks, the design of the new iMac, and the list goes on. What does this all fall under? Industrial Design.

Basically, you can have your opinion. But really, you can't dismiss Apple award winning Industrial Design. It's what adds so much to their products. Their researching areas that a lot of other companies dismiss as not important. Some companies may say, who cares what Materials we use to build the enclosure of the computer as long as it's functional. Apple on the other hand will pick it so carefully.

Again, I've said it time and time again. Apple is by far not a perfect company. Apple by far does not make perfect products. But I think they make ridiculously amazing products that don't deserve the unjustified flack that a lot of people throw at them.

Next post? My beef with Vista:) (and for the record, I'm not anti-Microsoft. I love XP, I love their Surface computing, I even like IE, but a couple of weeks ago I got to sit down with Vista, and I must say, quite unimpressed).

Thanks for reading.

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