Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where have all the good foods gone?

Alright, so today, for some really really odd reason, I started thinking about a food that I haven't eaten in a long time. Actually, y'know what, it wasn't for some really odd reason come to think of it. I was watching the Simpsons in the gym. The thing is, by the time I hit up the gym, I hadn't really eaten in a while, so I was damn hungry going in. Now, the episode of Simpsons that was on was the episode where Bart becomes the "I didn't do it" boy. He gets his in when he steals a danish from Kent Brockman. And that's when it happened. I guess because of my hunger, my attention was focused on the danish - and then it hit me - what ever happened to Pop Tart Danishes? Those were damn good!

Then that got me thinking about all the foods that I'd been missing that seemed to have disappeared off the earth, or just in whatever vacinity I happen to be in. It's weird because no one ever kicks up a big fuss when certain foods go off the market - I guess it's because the companies that produce them don't go under, it's just the specific products. Before Fit to Live started, I would gorge on these foods like crazy - but now, I just want a small taste of my earlier days.

So today, I decided to create a list of foods that I sorely miss and plead the companies to consider bringing them back.

-Pop Tart Danishes (even better when not toasted)
-Rice Krispies Squares (Treats) cereal
-McDonald's Pizza
-Planter's Cheeseballs (apparently there's a huge internet community who feels the same way about this one)
-Cap'n Crunch: Crunch Berries cereal
-Eat-More Caramel Version Chocolate Bar
-Soft Runts

and if you have anymore to add, please do.

Btw, for those wondering, I'm been so on and off in the gym, that's why Fit To Live has kind of been on hiatus. I'm so busy with school that it's hit or miss everyday. I did go today, and it looks like I'm coming in at about 172 lbs, so that's pretty good. Anyway, it's probably gonna be like this for a couple of months, so I can't promise Fit to Live episodes on a regular basis.

Alright, thanks for reading.


Alicia said...

Chewy runts are SOOOO good!

Cap'n crunch crunch berries still very much exists... atleast here in the states it does where 50% of our youth are obese...

Pop Tart Danishes?
I know that TOASTER STRUEDELS are really good, but you have to toast them.

McDonald's pizza? Never heard of it...

Andrew Sorenson said...

You forgot the best cereal in the world Pro Stars! Man I miss that cereal.... like a lot.... sigh...

Alicia said...

A better question is, "Where has Casey Li gone?!"

Alicia said...

Good to hear.
Take care of yourself!
Nothing's worse than exhausting yourself due to a lack of proper nutrition or sleep.

Remember fit to live!
Not work to die!