Monday, January 15, 2007

Two Blogs Are Better Than One

Alright, so I've been browsing around, and now that me and some of my friends have blogs setup, my daily surfing includes their sites. Today, I'm going to talk briefly about NELSON - a blog started by a couple of my friends who actually introduced me to blogspot (the host of this blog). So anyway, today I was reading there blog when I noticed that both of them started posting - not just one guy. It's great, because personal blogs are usually done by one person speaking their mind. Here you actually have some conflict within the same blog which makes for interesting reading for sure. Like Aaron (my former roommate actually) goes on about how he hates how long his roommates can go on about hockey - his roommates being the other bloggers (well, mainly one now, Brodie, the other being on his belize blog). Anyway, if you guys get the chance, check it out. It's the NELSON blog under my "LINKS - Friends" section to the right of this page. We'll see how it all unfolds. It'd be awesome if they got into a scrap. Alright, later. Thanks for reading.

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