Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sitting in Darkness

Alright, so I'm in a pretty bad mood, and I'm pretty sure it's not much more than being tired and hungry, but today as a whole just sucked. It started out ok. I got a good sleep and slept in til about noon. As I was taking my shower, I started going over in my head all the things that I had to do, and it turns out, it was a heck of a lot of errands and a notable amount of homework. From groceries at two different places ('cause most grocery stores don't sell good rice like the chinese ones do), toilet paper and paper towel, soap/shampoo and some extra school supplies. I wasn't sure I was gonna do it all today, but as the day went on, I decided, yeah I'd do it. So things were going pretty well at first as I walked to Staples to get my school supplies, and when I went to the grocery market to get most of what I needed. So far so good. So then it was off to the closest asian supermarket to get some rice. Turns out they had no good rice. First snag. So I decided that rice would come afterwards. Besides my groceries were already feeling quite heavy, so walking around was becoming more and more tiring. I hit up Shoppers Drug Mart next to get my soap and shampoo (not realizing that I was forgetting paper towel and toilet paper). So I was feeling pretty good about myself. Had gotten a lot done. So I went back home to unload my first round of errands. Next, it was to pick up the rice. Now understand that at this point, I was already getting kind of cranky. All the running around with all the groceries, and generally being kind of out of shape, I was getting kind of tired. But it was one of those things that hey, since I was this far, may as well keep going. So I walked out my door again and down to the other asian supermarket near me. Luckily this one had a good selection of rice and I got what I wanted. So then I was lugging this heavy bag of rice back to my house which was tiring and cranky-ing me out without realizing it. I got home, and that's when the snowball started to gather more steam (no idea what that means). I got home, and flipped on my light - boom, it burnt out. And the thing is, this is my main room's main source of light. So, I was damn. With no extra bulbs in the house, I'd have to go out yet again. So there I go, off to Shopper's Drug Mart again, but nope, no light bulbs there - but it did remind me that I'd forgotten about my paper towerl and toilet paper. So this was frustrating me more. Finally got to a place where they sold light bulbs and my paper stuff, and I walked back home. By this time, I was really tired, hungry, and overall cranky. I put in the light bulbs, and flick on the light. Nothing. WHAT THE HELL!!?! So after fiddling like crazy, looking stuff up on the internet, I decided to open up the footswitch for my lamp. And look at that - burnt fuse. So now I've got a dilemna on my hand - do I get a new IKEA lamp which'll cost $19, or do I buy a fuse, and replace it. The thing is, I have no soldering gun, and I have no car to get to IKEA. Not particularly fond of solving this problem right now. All I know is today sucked, and now I'm sitting in the darkness. Thanks for reading.

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