Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The World's going Green. Should Your Tea be too?

I can't remember how long ago, but somewhere along the line in my years of university I stumbled upon an upset to my Iced Tea status quo. Y'see, sweetened Iced Tea has been my favourite drink for a very long time. It has never let me down in no matter what situation and I haven't even come close to getting sick of it. So when the Iced Tea balance is thrown a curve ball with new flavours, I was skeptical.

Who am I kidding, I was ready to pounce on all the new flavours. Nestea introduced Raspberry and Peach flavours the Iced Tea mix - and although they're not amazingly better than the regular Nestea (if at all), they are a welcome change to the classic. But then came Green Tea Nestea.

When I had my first Green Tea Nestea, I remember thinking - hey, this isn't that sweet at all. This was followed shortly by a realization that sometimes, regular Nestea can just be too sweet. There are some occasions, say after eating some cookies at subway when you need something not so sweet. Water would be way too much in the unsweet category. And I hate the aspartame or nutri-sweet or whatever the hell taste that all diet drinks have.

Nestea Green Tea seem to be the perfect balance. It didn't taste as sweet as regular Nestea and it didn't have that awful diet taste you get with all diet drinks.

So all seemed well and good right?

Wrong. I naturally assumed that because of its relative unsweetness, that Nestea Green Tea had to be healthier than regular Nestea. This assumption lasted pretty much ever since Nestea Green Tea was introduced. Well, today I decided to actually put the bottles side by side and compare the Nutrional information. And guess what? Nestea Green Tea is actually more unhealthy than regular Nestea! What the hell!?!? Now, mind you, we're talking a 2g difference in sugars per 473 mL bottle, but still. When I eat something that tastes and feels healthier - I feel really jipped when it ends up not being healthier. It would be like eating salt-less Premium Plus crackers and finding out they had more sodium than salted ones. It just felt like a big jip.

Ah well, it is such a small difference and on top of that, I've never been one for being ultra healthy (actually quite far from it). To me, I usually only don't eat unhealthy things when they physically make me feel ill. But, maybe some of you readers out there do concern themselves with hyper healthiness. But chances are, if you are one of these people, you don't drink iced tea at all, so you just might say, this little discovery of mine is completely useless. Well, I guess there's a reason my blog is called "random thoughts of casey li". Anyway, thanks for reading.

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