Monday, March 5, 2007


Well there have been complaints ever since iTunes 7 came out about resource hogging, hyper unstability on the windows version, and general-level bugs on both versions. Now the resource hoggage might not be fixed, but hopefully the stability has been tweaked with the release of iTunes 7.1 which was released today. So be sure to download the hell out of that!

On the plus side, there is a really nice feature added for all us old mac users. One big thing us old mac users has never had the privelege of having is Front Row - Mac's media center front end. Well, with iTunes 7.1, we're one step closer before Front Row is packaged in with OS X. That is, iTunes 7.1 features a full screen cover flow view which is definitely nice when you're hosting parties or just showing off your nice machine. Either way, we'll see how this update goes. Thanks for reading.

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