Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random Thoughts of Casey Li

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the sens lost - fans, suck it up. Be glad that your team made it to the finals at all, and it's not the end of the world that they lost. On a completely different note, let's think for a second. My blog since its inception - like before it was on blogspot, before it was on facebook, before it was on myspace, when it started out as a MS Word published webpage on my school server, it had always been called lyricsOFtheMIND: randomTHOUGHTSofCASEYli. But to be honest, and as my old roommate Aaron pointed out - there's hasn't been really anything random about my postings. They're all structured articles on my life and the world around me.

So I decided that today would be a day for actual random thoughts. So enjoy and thanks for reading.

-Once is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and it's soundtrack is some of the best work Glen Hansard has done.
-Why don't all iPods have the headphone jack at the bottom like the nano. Seriously - if you think about it, it makes so much more sense at the bottom - from when you hold it, to the way you'd naturally place it in your pocket - they should all feature the headphone jack at the bottom.
-Why didn't Futureshop or HMV have season 3 and 4 of the Cosby Show on the release date? I've been waiting for those box sets for a longtime.
-Does it mean you're getting old when you love the routine of watching the Leno after you brush your teeth but before you go to bed?
-If you're one of those people who's anal about keeping things clean and organized including your toothpaste, then you probably squeeze from the very end of the tube, and roll the tube up as you use it. Now, if someone messes that up, have you ever considered that you can fix it in 2 seconds just by leaving the cap on, and squeezing everything to the front. While we're on that topic - this doesn't work with the Colgate flip cap.
-Doesn't it suck that it justifiably makes sense that someone who fails then succeeds get way more recognition than someone who's succeeded all along?
-Why can't I write any songs that are nearly as good as Falling Slowly by the Frames?
-The iPhone is going to be one of the greatest gadgets on the market, and anybody who disagrees is probably just jealous of those who have one
-As much as I respect Steve Jobs' business saavy and his company, and products, I think I respect Bill Gates more as a person.
-Are Steve Jobs and his minions robots that are preprogrammed to say certain phrases? Case in point, anytime anybody mentions a feature of the iPhone, they always seem to word-for-word say "It's also the best iPod we've ever made".
-Why do I respect the craziness of soccer fans more than that of hockey fans?
-Why do people, including myself, like something, but then hate it when everyone knows about it?
-On that same notion, is it a form of insecurity when people say "I liked their older albums better" - aren't they really saying "I know them more than you do"?
-And on that notion, I think most of what annoys me most about people can all be traced back to insecurity
-Film buffs may dislike Michael Bay - but c'mon, his style is absolutely perfect for the Transformers movie.
-Let's give M. Night Shamylan a break - stop comparing all his movies to the Sixth Sense, and stop basing his movies entirely on the shock endings and realize that his movies are good for other reasons.
-I think some of the most underrated, or at least underacknowledged artists, are composers for TV commercials - no, not liscened pre-recorded music, I'm talking music that was specifically composed for the commercial.
-House is an amazing show, but it wouldn't be nearly as good without Hugh Laurie.
-For those of you who kind of enjoy weddings, but realize they're never really as fun as they're made out to be or should be - how could they fundamentally be improved? What radical ideas could make weddings truly fun for everybody?
-People complain about Apple releasing new iPods every several months - but seriously - it's not like after you buy an iPod, they release a new one, and you're all of a sudden mad that you have the one that you have - you still love the product you own.
-And while we're on that topic, why doesn't anybody get angry at any other company that does that?
-You know what's good - those little things that tech companies put on their products that are specific and don't apply to all, but if they apply to you their amazing. For example, Sony puts Memory Stick slots on their TVs - which only applies to Memory Stick camera users. If you don't have one, it's useless, but if you do have one, it's great! These little specific things don't make it annoying, they make it great.
-If you get an iPhone - would you be nervous about using it in front of people? Like, how could you casually use something like the iPhone without showing it off?
-There's so much that House says in the show that makes so much sense.
-Screw the disbelievers, LOST is an incredibly amazing show.
-Am I the only person who thinks Jessica Alba is overrated when it comes to looks?
-I'm pretty sure Samsung has surpassed Nokia as my favourite cell phone manufacturer
-Slider phones are the best form factor for a cell phone for sure - but even better was the pop-sliders that seem to have gone extinct
-I feel like I could keep typing, but I think I'll stop soon.
-I hate when people bring up things that they think they sound insightful about, when really, everyone knows that already. Example? I hate when people say things like "Reality TV isn't really real. There's a lot of staged stuff." - yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that already.
-While we on the topic of Reality TV - I hate people who think they're too good for it. Like somehow they're better than the people who do watch it.
-Disney's The Weekenders is actually a really really good show. I know the target audience is young, but it's really entertaining. Not to mention Disney's Fillmore.
-If you haven't seen the movie "A Simple Plan", you really should.

Alright, that's it for now. Maybe this'll become a regular segment, not sure. We'll see. Again, thanks for reading.

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Poor George said...

Casey! I'm gonna punch you square in the mouth. Thanks to your random thoughts, I have to go and rethink all of my beliefs!