Thursday, February 15, 2007

This is the place I want to shut up!

Alright, so Toyota. It's a great company and on the verge of taking over GM as the lead car manufacturing company on the planet. I used to drive a Solara - and let me tell you, it was one of the smoothest rides I've ever been on. The Camry's new styling is definitely kicking it up a notch too. And their hybrids are pretty sweet too. Whatever. The thing is, with Toyota being on the verge of being the number one car company, they're coming into a lot of money. As such, they're coming into some sweet commercials. For anybody who caught their "The Town of Need and the Town of Want" commercial, which has the production values of a hollywood movie, you can see how much they put into their advertising.

Why then, are they playing this crap commercial on TV right now with the stupidest jingle of all time - "This is the place I want to be, and the place I want to live" - man that's annoying. For our outside Canada readers, not sure if you get this commercial, but man is it ever annoying. That's just a beef I've had for a bit and wanted to write about it.

Before I leave, the Infernal Affairs Trilogy has been released on DVD in North America which is sweet, so be sure to check that out (the chinese films that The Departed was based on). Thanks for reading.

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